Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DQ April 2013 Challenge - Mouse Pincushion & Reversible Scraps/Threads Catcher

Mouse Pincushion in
Scraps and Threads Catcher
This challenge organised by Desi Quilters (DQ), a creative group of modern quilters from India, was a really fun project because I love pincushions and other sewing and quilting accessories. Add to this the fact that April 22nd was Earth Day this year and I was able to combine a few of my interests to come up with this entry.

Plastic tray from a box that holds biscotti

Breakfast most mornings is a cup of hot or cold coffee and a biscotti. My favourite brand of biscotti comes in a box with a plastic insert and I've been collecting these inserts which are quite sturdy with the intention of turning them into useful objects. It was so gratifying to recycle them in support of Earth Day. 

Plastic tray beside finished
scraps and threads catcher
The insert looks much nicer dressed up in fabric and housing a funny little mouse pincushion. The plastic tray is much easier to empty than a thread catcher made from fabric alone. 

A cute little mouse pin cushion
Mouse Pincushion found on Pinterest
I came across a picture of the pincushion in Pinterest and discovered that there is a great You Tube video demonstrating the technique involved in making this pincushion as well as a well written tutorial.
Finished project showing the
other side of the scraps and thread catcher
 all trimmed out in ric-rac
Both these accessories were so easy and fun to make, especially watching the mouse come to 'life' and taking on it's own personality and attitude! Note the pierced ears, for example! 

The tutorial for the scraps/thread catcher can be found here. It will provide instructions for using any size and shape of insert to make a cover for it.

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  1. Good Afternoon Chumkie, It is lovely to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments.
    I adore this little mouse pin cushion and I will certainly be making one, or two or maybe three, because I know my daughters will love them.
    I have become a follower and I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Best Wishes to you,

    1. Thank you, Daphne, for joining my blog. Enjoy your trip to India and I look forward to your photographs after your return.
      All the best,

  2. thank you chumkie for sharing all the links...and it is a best way to recycle that plastic case

    1. You're welcome, Nima. Nice of you to stop by and to leave a message.


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