Saturday, September 22, 2012

Times to Remember Quilt Show

Today, I found out what quilt heaven looks like!  
Attended a quilt show at the Wolcott Grist Mill.  
With you, my audience, in mind 
I took lots of pictures of the quilts for your enjoyment.

In a huge old barn,
there were a 
large number of quilts on display, 
big and small, encompassing 
a wide variety of techniques.  

But let me first show you 
the beautiful surroundings
 along the path that led 
to this old barn.

It was a beautiful first day of Fall
just cool enough for comfort.

There were 
wooden plaques for sale

And stars everywhere!
Little stars and big stars
among sunshine and shadows

Look at that
lovely braided quilt
on the right

Stars and more stars!

And a beautiful 
stained glass 
Mother and Child quilt

DH enjoyed reading about the history 
of the Grist Mill but was otherwise 
bored out of his mind!

A baby quilt

A Broken Arrows quilt?

A Red and White quilt

This quilt was layered 
and ready to be tied.  
If you look closely, 
you'll see this is a Crayon quilt.

A Jelly Roll quilt 
in the red, white and blue

Stars galore!

Here's our favorite Whirlygig 
or Twist and Turn 
table topper.

Turkey trying to escape 
from becoming the main dish 
for Thanksgiving Dinner

There were enough Star quilts 
to light up the night skies!

The atmosphere was warm 
and congenial

Some quilts were 
hard to decipher - 
me thinks this next one is 
a Pinwheel quilt

A Sampler quilt 
with a Jelly Roll quilt 
in rainbow colors 
in the background

Another Sampler quilt
flanked by the rainbow 
Jelly Roll quilt

A close up of 
the rainbow 
Jelly Roll quilt

 There were two 
Fabric Challenges on display

A Red & White embroidered quilt

 And a very old quilt

A modern quilt

A Hawaiian 
Welcome quilt

Another Pinwheel quilt

 More Star and 
Pinwheel quilts

Irish Chain quilt

 Baby Boy quilts

A variety of
bags and totes 
on the far wall

A lovely 
Double Irish Chain quilt 
with Appliqued Hearts

An Alphabet quilt

Diamonds are 
a girl's best friend

An appliqued Sampler 
and Flying Geese quilt

 A girly Story Book quilt

Modern quilts

 Notice more 
bags and totes 
on the left wall

A traditional 
LoneStar quilt 
in modern colors

A Redwork quilt

 Another modern (?) quilt

A Patriotic quilt

A modern baby quilt

 I found the 
Owl fascinating 
because it's wearing 

 A modern 
Nine Patch quilt 
set on point

  A Charm quilt

Take a look at this 
miniature barn vignette 
flanked on the right 
by two very cute miniature quilts

A Birdhouse quilt

My favorite Overall Sam 

Juggling Clowns

There were rows and rows of quilts.  
Each hanger holds two quilts back to back!

 Here's another Blue & White quilt

And a Red & White quilt

and a hexagon I Spy quilt

 A Log Cabin quilt

 Appliqued quilts

I love this 
American Flag quilt 
with Whirlygigs!

An adorable 
appliqued Star quilt 
in earth tones

 Too cute! 

Halloween quilts

These witches 
are three dimensional!

 A quilt in 
primary colors

The tag reads:
Fidget Quilts
Made by Riverside Quilters
and donated to Memory Care 
and Alzheimer Units for restless
hands and therapy use 

 Beautiful quilting on 
a Purple, Black and White quilt

Sampler quilt

 This, I'm sure, 
qualifies as a modern quilt 
because there's no rhyme or reason to it

Love the 
Red and White quilt 
in the background

 Lovely yellow Medallion quilt!

A vignette of little quilts

My all-time favorite 
Kaleidescope quilt

Another vignette 
of little quilts

 A beautiful time 
in a beautiful place
surrounded by warm 
and wonderful quilts :)

 Hope you enjoyed this afternoon as much as I did!