Sunday, May 19, 2013

Double Wedding Ring Quilt - A UFO

Double Wedding Ring Quilt
A long-time UFO
Considering  a linky party on quilts with curves, circles or rings is long overdue, this unfinished object (UFO) which has been hidden on purpose for decades, is a prime example of one. 

Every one of the seams on this quilt is a curved seam, but that's not the prime deterrent to finishing it. I've completed 16 blocks because that's how many centers have been cut out.  For a king size quilt, which is what this quilt is meant to be, I need 72 centers!

This brings me to a couple of tips I'd like to share from 22+ years of quilting experience.

1. Think small! 
In the beginning (huge sigh!) and this quilt was dreamed up way in the beginning, I wanted to make only king size quilts. My first big quilt should have taught me a lesson, but oh no! it didn't. The king-size Sunshine & Shadows or Trip Around The World is beautiful, but took me 3 years to complete. With age comes wisdom and these days, I rarely make a bed-size quilt if I can possibly help it. What I should have done in this case, is to make a cushion cover to make sure that the technique and process is enjoyable, before diving into the hugest quilt imaginable.

2.Finish cutting before piecing! 
In the beginning (another huge sigh!) patience was not one of my virtues. Instant gratification was a must, so what did I do? I cut all the small pieces first (165 melons, 288 arcs and 288 corner squares, or something to that effect). Then I cut only 16 centers! "Why", you ask? Because of the need to see what the blocks would look like! It looked great, but guess what? Piecing 16 blocks was so exhausting, that everything was folded up and put out of sight!

3. Get organized & keep everything required for a project in one place!
Thus was a UFO born and sits in its infancy, begging to be completed. For close to a decade, I couldn't find the dratted project! Then I had to locate all the fabric that went with it! And finally, I discovered there were still 56 centers to be cut out! So with another loud sigh, I turned away and ignored what will one day be a beautiful quilt for my blue bedroom.

4. Develop a plan to turn a UFO into an FFO!
In order to turn this unfinished object into a finally (no, not a f***ing) finished object (FFO), will require an MS Project Plan to be created with definite timelines and critical criteria and critical path all mapped out. If you look closely and rearrange the two completed segments, I have 2 rows of 8 blocks completed so there are only 7 more rows (or 7x8=56 more blocks) to complete. 

So wish me luck with that! and till then,

Cheers, everyone!

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