Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baby's Big-Block Star Quilt

I found the pattern for this baby quilt in a magazine. It's
pretty amazing that the entire quilt is made from 16 (9") 
half-square triangles. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kaleidoscope Stack & Whack Quilt

ilt (a.k.a. Kaleidoscope Quilt)

This was probably the most interesting quilt I've attempted
It was made in a class that was conducted 
at a quilt store which now no longer exists. 
We used Bethany S. Reynolds' 
Magic Stack-N-Whack Quilts
as our guide and purchased 
all our fabrics and 
tools (ruler) from 
the quilt store.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quilt-Pillows or Quillows

My first pillow-quilt, also called a quillow. 
It is folded into thirds vertically, then folded from bottom to top
and tucked into a pillow case that is sewn on the back of the quilt.
It was made from panel fabric.
This was presented to son #1.
Here is the second pillow-quilt I made that is folded into a pillow.
It is a lap-size quilt made from panel fabric.
I made this for a friend's mother for her birthday.
This is another pillow-quilt I made for
my niece, Anisha, when she was
born on August 21, 1996.
Anisha's quilt folded into a pillow.

Best Friends Toddler's Quilt

 This was an enjoyable quilt to make.
My quilt instructor made acrylic shapes
from the templates in the pattern. 
She gave me a one-on-one tutorial on piecing
the quilt.  That kept me right on track and
I finished the top in record time!

Sunshine & Shadows

This quilt was started in March 1991 and finished in September 1994.
Here is the queen-size quilt I made in that first class. 
The pattern is called Sunshine and Shadows. 
The squares adjacent to the white squares have some red in them,
which the camera didn't pick up, so it isn't completely monochromatic. 
It took 4 weeks to complete the top.
Son #2 has this quilt. 
I took a follow-up class to learn how to assemble and pin the three layers, and another class in hand-quilting.  I initially started out machine quilting it, but since I was working with an old, old sewing machine which didn't have a walking foot, I gave that up in a hurry! 
It took me 3 years to complete hand-quilting this quilt!
There was enough material on the back of the quilt which allowed me to fold it over to the front to simulate binding.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

CATS - Appliqued Wallhanging

CATS - Appliqued Wallhanging (1991)
This was my very first attempt at quilting. 

I'd just had surgery and was on sick leave for six weeks.  After a week, I was pretty much back on my feet and looking for something interesting to do, so I visited a quilt store, QuiltNFriends, close to home.  The store owner was very friendly and helpful and suggested I take a class to learn the basics of quilting.  Well, that class was to take place a week later and I was raring to go, so I bought a pattern for the wallhanging above.

The instructions were very basic. but I had no idea how to use a rotary cutter, so I believe I used scissors to cut all the necessary pieces.  Fusible webbing was used to attach the cats to the background pieces and having no experience in the patchwork process, I assembled the blocks first and pieced the corner pieces last.  What a mistake that was because I was faced with Y-seams which were a complete nightmare!  

The center seams must have been really crooked and wonky, which is why I applied the red bias tape.  Why I chose red is beyond me!