Friday, July 13, 2012

Desi Quilters

I'm constantly amazed at the abundance of talent evident at our modern quilting site, Desi Quilters!  We are currently participating in an excellent Quilt Along featuring four different kinds of stars conducted by Elvira.  It has been both challenging and fun, especially when the pattern of each star emerges in a finished block!  I've made 3 of the 4 star blocks so far.
Elvira's Stars QAL - Blocks 1, 2 and 3
Besides an ongoing Quilt Along, we as members are presented with a challenge every month.  
June's challenge was to make a quilt of any size using only squares.  This is where the creativity and talent is most visible.

Besides all the interesting projects, the members of Desi Quilters are very entertaining, encouraging and appreciative of all our efforts at quilting.  For many this is a new hobby and it's quite a challenge to hunt down the basic tools and materials that are so necessary if quilting is taken seriously.  In spite of these setbacks, Desi Quilters are undaunted and adventurous with their projects.

I love being a member of Desi Quilters :)

Cheers, everyone!

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