Monday, July 2, 2012

Bring May Flowers

Late Spring Garden

Oriental Poppies are vibrant and beautiful.

A close-up

Coral Bells in the forefront, Oriental Poppies in the background.

Snapdragons come in a variety of colors.

White Columbines

Globe Allium of the onion family

A close-up

Shasta Daisies

Peonies beginning to bud

White and yellow Violas

Yellow Violas


 Prasun's experiment with landscape photography, supposed to show 360 degree view of our street.  Drag the bar on the bottom of the screen to move to the right.

A more all-encompassing view also show the opposite side of our street.
Drag the bar on the bottom of the screen to move to the right.

White Peonies...

In full bloom

This is a cousin of Snapdragons....

Growing in containers.  They re-seeded from last year's crop.

Miniature Roses in white budding and blooming.

This is an Alpine variety of Iris.  
They're shorter and the flowers are smaller, but no less striking 
than regular Iris.

Full-face view.

Can't remember the name of this flower.

Cute little white and yellow Violas.


Those unnamed yellow flowers with shocking pink Peonies in the background.

These are the regular Iris.  Much larger than Alpine Iris.

Every alternate petal arcs gracefully.

Hardy geraniums of the perennial variety.

Pink Snapdragons.

These little yellow flowers exude a garlicky fragrance.  
Are they garlic chives?

Teeny tiny mini-bachelor buttons.

Lungworts?  Any way, they need to be pulled up...

Because they're very invasive.

Hardy Geraniums

Shocking pink peonies.

Close-up of same.

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