Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Day After

Looking back on the Cathedral Windows quilt I just finished, what did I learn from the experience?

First of all, joining The Indian Modern Quilt Guild on Facebook (thanks to my sister, Sahana) was probably the best thing that's happened to me in a long time.  The members of this guild are creative, motivated, and so encouraging.  What amazes me is that practically all of them are self-taught and so willing to share their ideas and talents with the rest of us.  The January challenge which motivated me to give Cathedral Windows a try, kept me on track and produced a finished product within the month!  So glad this didn't end up among my numerous UFOs!

Secondly, it's true that one's own spit removes blood spots!  An ice cube works too.  I had pins sticking out all over the quilt and ended up with pin pricks and scratches all over my hands.  The next time, I'll be sure to use safety pins.

Towards the end, I was tempted to call it a day and admit defeat.  There was no way the quilt could be finished on time.  DH was irritated as heck, but what else is new!  He just couldn't understand what I meant by 'this has to get done by tomorrow'!  But I worked at it doggedly and pretended to be deaf to shut out his grumbling.  Little does he know there's another deadline next month with many more to follow :)  It was a wonderful experience to do this just for myself!

With these challenges, I plan to work on techniques I've longed to try.  This guild has provided the focus I need to accomplish my goals.

Thank you, IMQG!


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