Sunday, April 14, 2013

Star Baby Quilt

I found the pattern for this baby quilt in a magazine. 
The entire quilt, except the borders, 
was made with half square triangles.
It's a one star block that made a perfect baby quilt.
Our adorable grandson used it as a
play-quilt until he began crawling.
In the winter we use it in the car to keep him warm.

The quilt was fun to make 
and even more fun to quilt because of its size.

I quilted this baby quilt by machine, using tear-away stencils that were pinned to the center of the quilt top. The straight lines around the edges of the star block were done using a quilting bar attachment that fits into the back of the needle on the sewing machine. I used a ready-made satin binding to finish this quilt.

To make this 48" x 48" baby quilt, follow instructions for making half square triangles (HSTs), using the following measurements.


Note - to construct a half-square triangle (HST), determine the size of the finished unit and add 7/8th inch.  I will be rounding the 7/8th inch to 1 inch and trimming off the excess after the unit is sewn.  For two 9" finished blocks, I will need two 9-1/2" HST units plus 1 inch = two 10-1/2" squares.

Wash and iron all fabrics.

Using a 12-1/2" square ruler:

   Cut six 10-1/2" squares from the light fabric (white in this quilt)
   Cut six 10-1/2" squares from the medium fabric (pink in this quilt)
   Cut four 10-1/2" squares from the dark fabric (blue in this quilt)


Follow steps 1 to 10 under the Construction heading 
   Make 4 blue & white HSTs  
   Make 4 pink & blue HSTs
   Make 8 pink & white HSTs
   Trim all HSTs to 12-1/2" square

Configure the HSTs as in the picture above and sew the quilt top.
Add a 6" border on all four sides.
Layer, baste and quilt as desired.
Bind the quilt with double-fold binding, mitering the corners to finish the quilt.


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