Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Block 3 of Cathedral Windows Sampler Quilt Using Colours of IMQG Logo

Here is the 3rd of 12 blocks in a sampler quilt of Cathedral Windows variations using the colours of the IMQG logo.

Block 3 of Cathedral Windows Sampler Quilt
This block was constructed with 2 Flying Geese units using the 1 seam method.  The Flying geese units were placed tip to tip and the dimensional sides of the two triangles were folded over and sewn down.

Block 1 and Block 2 were completed a couple of days ago.  

Here is a picture of the three blocks which comprise the first row of four total rows.

Row 1 - Placed horizontally

Row 1 - Placed vertically
Okay, so that's 3 down with 9 more blocks to go!!

Cheers, everyone!


  1. Chumkie, the three blocks look great together...the whole thing even has a stained glass kind of effect...lovely!

    1. I'm adding the black sashing just for the stained glass effect, so thank you, Aliya, for your comment!

  2. This is going to be one fab quilt!!

  3. Hi Chumkie I have awarded you the Leibster Blog Award. Please go to my blog and check it out.


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