Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bablu's Fan Quilt

Twin Size Fan Quilt

I love blue and yellow quilts and found this lovely border fabric at JoAnn Fabrics.

Close-Up of Fan Block
Soon after I started making the quilt in mid-1999, my eldest brother was diagnosed with cancer.  Knowing how harrowing chemotherapy treatments can be, I decided that a fan quilt would be a 'cool' pattern to keep him warm.  He used this quilt till the last and I hope it brought him a whole lot of comfort.

The construction was amazingly simple.  The seven fabrics were all laid on top of each other and I used the acrylic template that accompanied the book from which the pattern was taken, to cut out the fan shapes.  Each set of fan shapes were sewn together in pairs of threes and the seventh unit was attached to the end.  Because the convex unit at the base of the fan was so small, it was sewn on with no problem at all.  The units were placed on point and there is a definite direction to the quilt.

The whole quilt came together in quite a short time.  It was machine pieced and quilted in the ditch.

My niece now has this quilt and you can tell she's taken good care of it, because it's been 12-1/2 years since I gifted it to her father.  She recently sent me these photographs so I could document the quilt here.

Thank you, Mimi!


  1. Love it. Can see the love that went it to it.

  2. What a nice gift to make for your brother and I can see that it is still treasured

    1. He loved it...that was very clear from the expression on his face when I gave him the quilt. And he used it every day until he passed away. And yes, his daughter (Paromita) treasures it because it meant so much to her father.


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