Sunday, September 29, 2013

Red, White And Blue Mug Rug

8" Square Mug Rug
It's been a while, four months to be exact, since I went anywhere near my sewing machine. That may be because even though it's been a rainy summer, there were stretches of really good weather and there's always a lot to do and admire in the garden.

Instructions for
Guild Challenge
Fabric Kit from Guild

The last quilt guild meeting took place in the second week of June before summer officially began and each of us was given a fabric kit of red, white and blue with the instructions above.

Orange Peel Poinsetta: Would make a cute mug rug.
Inspiration Pieces from The Quilting Board
The inspiration for this mug rug came from The Quilting Board which has an excellent tutorial. I have this on my Bucket List of Quilts on Pinterest, which can now be checked off!

Cushion Cover Made
from Orange Peel Blocks
at Quilt Along
This mug rug basically consists of 4 Orange Peel units and 4 leaves, or one Orange Peel block and was reminiscent of a quilt-along I conducted last year. All the templates I saved from the quilt-along came in handy for this project.

Back of Mug Rug
The quilting shows up on the back of the mug rug. The leaves were given some veins and the petals were quilted partially to give them some dimension. From start to finish, this project took 5 hours to complete.

It feels so good to quilt again. Especially so because the project was small, easy and, above all, done! Time to dig up some of those WIPs (Works In Process) and UFOs (UnFinished Objects), really dig in my heels and turn them into finished objects.

Cheers, everyone!


  1. This is really lovely!!! Was waiting to get inspiration from your Blog!!!

    1. Thank you, Ranju! It's good to hear from you again. Yes, I had a long break from quilting, and so glad it's over.


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