Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Asian Inspired Wall Quilt - Part 3

The Construction Phase

During the design phase, the fabrics for the lanterns were picked out and using the foil wrapped method, paper pieced into hexagon shapes. .

6 hexagons
 Using Clover bias adhesive-backed tape, two rows of three hexagons were placed on a white background.

2 rows of 3 hexagons placed on white background
The next step was to finalize the arrangement.  The rope and lanterns were repositioned and ironed in place.  Something seemed not right, so hangers were added to the lanterns.

Hangers were added to lanterns
This looked much more like Japanese lanterns.  It was now time to sew all the bias strips and hexagons down onto the white background.  All bias taped surfaces were zig-zagged in place.  Look closely at the lanterns and notice the edge stitching with black thread.

All pieces sewn in place
It was now time to add the first set of borders.1 inch black strips were folded in half, sewn to each side of the white square and pressed towards the white fabric.

1st set of vertical borders added
Horizontal borders were added in the same way.

All four borders sewn in place
In Part 4 of this series, the final assembly will be completed, so watch for that segment in the near future!


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