Friday, January 18, 2013

Blog Fodder: Baby Quilts & a Giveaway

Welcome to my Linky Party! 

The theme this week is Baby Quilts. According to the Quilt Glossary, a baby quilt is a "small quilt made to fit easily in a crib or stroller, usually with fabrics and designs appropriate for babies".

Please enter your name and a link to your blog or a picture in Flickr. Link up to your baby quilts (you may enter more than once) using Mr Linky below and do visit as many of the other links as you can.  You will get some great ideas and may even find new followers and/or blogs to follow.

At the end of each month, all the linky entries for that month will be tallied and one lucky winner will receive a charm pack of  20 (5") scrappy squares!  The monthly giveaway is open to residents within and outside the United States. 

To win the giveaway, you must
  1. Enter a link to your quilt below.
  2. Be a member of this blog.
  3. Leave a comment.
Be sure to check back each week to participate in a different quilt theme.


  1. Woohoo...I did it ! Thanks Chumks !!

    1. Yes you did! Thank you for linking in, Tina!

  2. Hi Chumkie,
    Its my lovely baby quilt.........thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Very pretty baby quilts. Thank you for linking in!

  3. Love all your quilts, Chumkie! And I can personally vouch for how perfectly they are sewed and finished :-)

    1. Thank you, Madhu! Love your quilt. Left a message on your blog...I think it's awaiting approval.

  4. Thanks for ordering me to link my baby quilt Chumkie :). I follow your blog too and i love your quilts and also the way you write :).


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