Sunday, November 6, 2016

Christmas FoldnStitch Wreath

Christmas Fold 'n Stich Wreath
Our vacation this year to Texas was the most fun I've had on any vacation. My quilting protege and 15-year old grand-niece, is a multi-talented young lady. She bought her first sewing machine during out visit and we had so much fun unpacking it and testing all its quilting features. 

Ritu's Candlemat
Two weeks prior to leaving on vacation, I decided a quilt kit would be a great first quilting project for her. This fold 'n stitch wreath kit was ordered online from Quilts in Montana and it arrived a couple of days before we got there. I read the instructions and determined how to assemble it, our niece transferred the petal designs to the fabrics and grand-niece did all the sewing on her brand-new sewing machine. Our 3-way teamwork paid off and we got it done in one weekend!
Candle Mat Centerpiece
I was so inspired and motivated by this 15-year old that when I got back home my first trip was to the fabric store to shop for fat quarters to replicate this candlemat. The plastic templates we made for the petals found their way into my suitcase, but they kept the pattern.

Candy Dish Centerpiece

Mother and daughter (niece and grand-niece) were sorely missed as I began putting the pieces together. One mistake I made was not putting the number of petals to cut on the templates. Somehow, I miscalculated and made 12 petals whereas only eight are required. So, with a little more effort to put four more petals together, I'll have two of these pretty wreaths, one of which I can gift to a friend.


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